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Apologies for not updating site as much but as coming into Spring I wanted people to get a sense of how the pictures I take deserve to be shown when posted online. This should give a good representation. Don't forget all images on site are for sale


New Year 2016

A memorable year is not measured in accomplishments so much as milestones. As 2015 comes to an end and I had time to reflect over Christmas, I want to thank the new faces in my life, whether thats new suppliers,clients, travel buddies or customers I am grateful to those who made them possible and hope to expand this year.

Lets hope 2016 is as exciting and riveting. I hope to travel to more diverse places and local gems throughout Europe and Ireland and of course to continue my aurora hunting.

Again if there are images on this site that are of interest please email me or contact me via the social media tabs. In the next week or so as have time to update new images will be appearing from 2015.

Kind Regards

Will :-) 





Summer Update June 15

Ok i've been a bit lacklustre lately enjoying the superb weather Ireland is having but I'm delighted to say I'm now in Victoria Square every month in the heart of Belfast selling my prints in person. Each print has now been updated in the online shop (buy) for your buying pleasure at a great competitive price. 

I've kept the price similar to the high street, only the shipping is the difference with buying online but if local please drop by the stall.


Again if theres anybody reading please feel free to add your comments as this will be duly noted and I will try my best to answer or fulfil your comments.

Again don't be stranger on social media; you can find me on periscope,twitter,Instagram,Facebook. (@whp_15)

Debut On Victoria Square

So after all talk, the day finally came round that I got my prints out on the high street, was bit daunting at first but was good to finally have products ready to sale, regards the day it was a slow start but hopefully more people will now be aware of whp and in the not too distance future there will be more owners of whp prints.

Happy Easter

Hi guys thanks for checking out the last blog, still exciting times; just back from a weekend in Donegal and had mixed fortunes with the typical Irish weather but fortunately I'm very happy with with my results and hope you also enjoy rural Ireland. Also a few new images are updated in the California, landscape & portfolio galleries.

If there is any image of interest please let me know & I will add to the shop.



Mini Update End Of The Month

Exciting News; Hope You Enjoy My New Landscape Shots

Sounds Like going' to be a stormy night and weekend judging from the sounds outside; so what better way than to spend time updating my blog.

Theres A few updates in the galleries, {portfolio,landscape & architecture} and will be adding more to shop if enough demand. Notice the * beside gallery to see its been updated.









North Coast Triumph

On Thursday 18th February 2015 I had set out with another great photographer to tackle the north coast for our first trip there this year. Last time I came back I was very happy but I still had images in my head I wanted to pursue and thankfully the gods were watching up above as the weather was brilliant; I don't know if your meant to curse the weather for being so clear but with photography a bright day with no clouds doesn't suffice, drama and breaking light is the key.


february north coast.jpg

The time I was shooting I was very lucky for some of my shots and thankfully we had a rain interval which made my day as not only did I get a change in weather but a brilliant rainbow. My only qualm if ever was I needed more light as I was on a roll when the conditions were perfect for shooting and the days light was fading.

One surprise I realised was my camera didn't do was cope too well at night when light painting targets; this was lack of manual control for infinity focus on camera, thankfully my backup camera didn't let me down.

On a winters day in February I was so impressed as ever with the north coast even if it is a few hours up the road is still one of the best hunting grounds for subjects and lights as duly noted with Game of Thrones has a medieval aura about the place steeped with so much history and hidden gems, keeps enticing me to continue shooting there.

Now have A Comments Section

I'm sure many have noticed a few changes in the site; if you haven't please check out the newest section Contact and instafeed; which has daily images updated.

Also There have been a few changes in the shop.


New Video In Portfolio

After deciding to do an overhaul design of the site; my new slideshow can be found in portfolio. It's still available on vimeo; but thought majority would prefer if was on youtube. Now it is as shown below


I hope you enjoy it and as usual comments and likes are most welcome.

ps: if you speed it up times two, great dance track


Happy 4th July

I've now entered a new era and hopefully will reach out to a wider audience.

I hope to keep this updated with new thoughts and what my point of view on this ever changing environment.


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