Summer Update June 15

Ok i've been a bit lacklustre lately enjoying the superb weather Ireland is having but I'm delighted to say I'm now in Victoria Square every month in the heart of Belfast selling my prints in person. Each print has now been updated in the online shop (buy) for your buying pleasure at a great competitive price. 

I've kept the price similar to the high street, only the shipping is the difference with buying online but if local please drop by the stall.


Again if theres anybody reading please feel free to add your comments as this will be duly noted and I will try my best to answer or fulfil your comments.

Again don't be stranger on social media; you can find me on periscope,twitter,Instagram,Facebook. (@whp_15)

Debut On Victoria Square

So after all talk, the day finally came round that I got my prints out on the high street, was bit daunting at first but was good to finally have products ready to sale, regards the day it was a slow start but hopefully more people will now be aware of whp and in the not too distance future there will be more owners of whp prints.

Cosmic Week

If you've been hiding under a rock this week two main events happened; paddys day and we were granted a 95% show of a solar eclipse provided  that the clouds moved.

Not just any ole paddys day this year the cosmic forces came together and provided a show that is unprecedented for ireland, the sky literally came to life on paddys day; as most of the country was behind the bar drinking it dry; the other half who are into photography were out in force as the sky gods or saints were watching over us as we were privileged to see a spectacular show and one which will be forever in my memory.



Today 20th March (Spring Equinox)  the sky came up trumps at the pivotal moment as the clouds parted to show us the solar eclipse of 2015. Ok we didn't get a full eclipse like the faroe islands which is basically a corona( bailey beads effect) and very impressive. I've witnessed this way back in 2001, but at home this year we were granted a show none the less as got to see 95% of a partial eclipse.

As the moon covers the sun, the light starts to die out; a lot of critics and sceptics were worried about this as the energy devices most of Europe are using is solar powered but no such worries as the backups kicked in. As the day turns into dark one phenomenon that catches nature out is that the birds begin to squawk as they think its time to sleep, & the dogs howl; I wish i took a picture as I saw this grey squirrel rush across the lawn, then proceeded to stop look at me with puzzlement as didn't know what to do when the light became darker.

I later found out our ducks and geese were on the same mindset as they figured it was nighttime and returned to bed.

One thing I had noticed when the bbc stargazing were reporting was a huge spot on the sun; the last sunspot that had erupted means we may have another show in the next few days as was incremental judging by the tv footage.

On that note hopefully I'll be lucky with the next foreseeable aurora & hope you appreciate reading my thoughts on our cosmic week.


Delighted to see my image being post on the accuweather site.

North Coast Triumph

On Thursday 18th February 2015 I had set out with another great photographer to tackle the north coast for our first trip there this year. Last time I came back I was very happy but I still had images in my head I wanted to pursue and thankfully the gods were watching up above as the weather was brilliant; I don't know if your meant to curse the weather for being so clear but with photography a bright day with no clouds doesn't suffice, drama and breaking light is the key.


february north coast.jpg

The time I was shooting I was very lucky for some of my shots and thankfully we had a rain interval which made my day as not only did I get a change in weather but a brilliant rainbow. My only qualm if ever was I needed more light as I was on a roll when the conditions were perfect for shooting and the days light was fading.

One surprise I realised was my camera didn't do was cope too well at night when light painting targets; this was lack of manual control for infinity focus on camera, thankfully my backup camera didn't let me down.

On a winters day in February I was so impressed as ever with the north coast even if it is a few hours up the road is still one of the best hunting grounds for subjects and lights as duly noted with Game of Thrones has a medieval aura about the place steeped with so much history and hidden gems, keeps enticing me to continue shooting there.

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