Printing Tips

All images are currently at low resolution; when printed they will be at top resolution

WHP only prints with the finest art paper and you can be sure the quality will be on show.


Mounting (Simple Look)

WHP uses only the best art card and you have the option of not only choosing black or white but also multi-colour.

Framing (Traditional Look

WHP uses the best of local services and is glad to collaborate with one of the finest framers in the country so you can be guaranteed quality as the work the team puts in is second to none.

Canvasing  (Modern Look)

Again to save transport costs WHP uses local services to deliver pristine service with heat proof and finger proof canvasing.

Acrylic_Other (Ultra Modern Look)

The team at WHP aim to be innovative and competitive as possible. We continuously strive to offer our customer the best quality prints,materials,value for money ,excellent customer service and to keep up to date with new ideas and products offered on the emerging market.

GiftSets Etc.


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