North Coast Triumph

On Thursday 18th February 2015 I had set out with another great photographer to tackle the north coast for our first trip there this year. Last time I came back I was very happy but I still had images in my head I wanted to pursue and thankfully the gods were watching up above as the weather was brilliant; I don't know if your meant to curse the weather for being so clear but with photography a bright day with no clouds doesn't suffice, drama and breaking light is the key.


february north coast.jpg

The time I was shooting I was very lucky for some of my shots and thankfully we had a rain interval which made my day as not only did I get a change in weather but a brilliant rainbow. My only qualm if ever was I needed more light as I was on a roll when the conditions were perfect for shooting and the days light was fading.

One surprise I realised was my camera didn't do was cope too well at night when light painting targets; this was lack of manual control for infinity focus on camera, thankfully my backup camera didn't let me down.

On a winters day in February I was so impressed as ever with the north coast even if it is a few hours up the road is still one of the best hunting grounds for subjects and lights as duly noted with Game of Thrones has a medieval aura about the place steeped with so much history and hidden gems, keeps enticing me to continue shooting there.

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