Batteries Not Included

What a great movie and now as were in the future the next big thing is usb battery; no joke how awesome is that, if you are low on juice you can just recharge your battery via usb, its amazing it hadn't been thought of earlier.

Mind you most of the gadgets these day have li-on batteries so might not have a use for mobiles but for photographers whose flash or remote goes down; its a god send.

The battery is called Lightors and the big feature for the battery is that it will survive up to 500 charge cycles. That means you can charge it, deplete the charge, and charger it again up to 500 times. Lightors might not be the first battery to charge via USB, but that is a nice feature.
Lightors come in AA and AAA sizes and each has a little cover that hides a micro USB charge port. You could use the same charger you use for your Android device to charge these batteries on the road. The AA battery has 1500mAh of power with the AAA offering 600mAh. A pledge of $8 will get you two of either size battery and a charge cable.

If you haven't heard of Kickstarter its basically a site funded by us all the crowd to help fund an idea to reality. This is known as crowd sharing and was a movement that became mainstream in 2014.

The original idea a digital watch that used your apps was the pebble watch, fast forward a few years and Apple are on the bandwagon.

Please checkout if curious of the future.

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