Astropod - Draw On Your Ipad Really €49.99

For years there have been options to add a drawing pad and stylus to a computer, a way for graphic artists to create digital media and drawings. Turns out if you have an iPad, you have another option.

Astropad has filled the void that lets you draw on your ipad and displayed real time on mac.


You can use Astropad with your finger, just as you would with any touchscreen iPad app, but a stylus is better. Astropad supports multiple pressure-sensitive pens, so if you already have one of those for your iPad, you can likely use it with the app.

Keep in mind that Astropad itself is really the mechanism to turn the iPad into a graphics tablet; it doesn’t replace graphics apps such as Photoshop for content creation. Instead, it enables the iPad as an interface for such apps.

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