Hello 2018

one step closer to 2020. Mad eh Well another year gone; 2017 had its peaks and challenges & will go down as a year that was full of promise. Regards the weather we had a few eventful storms, lost some major old trees, unfortunately missed the chance on two big solar storms much to my annoyance but was granted a few spectacular sunrises & sunsets this year.

I didn’t get to travel to near as many places as I envisioned but I did finally get to the Highlands to see the magic that is Skye which was definitely a landscape photographers playground.

Closer to home I toured Killarney & Beara Peninsula except the weather was a let down & I briefly flew over to Liverpool for a few days for the first time

One of the highs was not only testing the resistance and versatility of the xt2 but I took my hand to the skies and I’m now getting a perspective I had only dreamt of.

But other than me griping as 2017 starts to fade away a lot like my vocal chords I’m left to bring in 2018 at home. To all the new and existing followers. I hope you have a great new year and wish you the best in what the future has to deliver.


More content will be in 2018 to look forward to.

cheers guys   

cheers guys


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