This Just Brings Cinematography To A New Level

Just watched an aw-inspiring video from a cinematographer living in Asia.

Trust me guys this will blow your socks off if haven't seen it. Its in collaboration with the dubai government and just set a new standard for cinematography


My first impression of Dubai was that of super-tall buildings jutting out of the desert sand. However, after 3 months of exploration, research and filming, my lasting impression is of the eternal wonder of the desert and the importance it holds for the Emirati people. Dubai may be home to the world’s most outrageous skyline but Dubai’s desert dunes and historical creek are where you’ll find its soul. A special thank you to Dubai Film for making this project possible and for providing the extraordinary access which enabled me to realise this story. If you want to see more... An extended version of the airport baggage scene, from plane arrival to luggage cart in 4K here: http://youtu.be/m8n2o3Qx504?t=29s And also the creek scene in full, the original of this is 13500px (13.5K) across however in 4k here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAtzRAIpD30 Sound Design: Slava Pogorelsky Email: kultenyeuk@walla.com Facebook: facebook.com/Kultenyeuk Rob Whitworth Website: www.robwhitworth.co.uk/ Facebook: facebook.com/RobWhitworthPhotography Instagram: instagram.com/robwhitworthphotography

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